It was my dream to paint my hair blue for several years, along with going to Japan. Well on April 15th through 17th, I spray painted my hair BLUE just for shock value and to observe the reaction that I got. For the most part, everyone liked my blue hair and said it was cool. Even Laura liked it. Speaking of which, Laura doesn't like me any more since she hasn't emailed me, called me talked to me or contacted me in any way. She hasn't even talked to my brother yet and according to my brother, she hasn't been wearing any of the necklaces that I got for her. I suppose I shouldn't be sad because we never had anything going, but you know how it hurts when you give someone a gift that you spent a lot of time getting and think that they would like it but find out that they indeed dislike it. More on her presents, my feelings and her next though. And TODAY'S entry.
Anywho, my hair was blue (that rhymes!!! ^.^) and people liked it. Three problems though, first, It was a temporary Halloween spray that washed right out and came out easily. Secondly, it itched like heck and flaked right out and faded in a powdery form. Yeah. It stunk. Third, it really needed to be styled better. It was just sprayed on and not placed very well. But with all things considered, if it looked good when it was "bad", it must be really good when it's styled/dyed properly
Anyway, I'm glad I accomplished one dream. Now I'll just have to get a permanent spray. ^.^